OSCC13 Speaker Preparation

One week to go to the first OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC13) to be held entirely in the OpenSimulator-based virtual word conferencing facility. This is being prepared and tested to further develop OpenSim and to make it more robust for conference style events. A 4-sim keynote plenary session area is designed to support about 200 avatars, and six break out sims will support parallel technical sessions for approx. 50 avatars. Social and welcome areas, as well as staff support areas are also involved. Links to other OpenSim-based grids for a range of demonstrations and social functions are available via Hypergrid.

In the last week, speaker and presenter training sessions have taken place to help people get used to the in-world screens and facilities, as well as understand how audio will work. In world voice is not being used to allow for scalability. Speakers will present audio via Skype which will be streamed back into the “radio” channel of the in-world facilities, as well as being mixed with an in-world video views (from a range of camera avatars driven by conference volunteers) to stream live via UStream (which will also act as a recording mechanism for archive and later playback).

Some images from the 31st August 2013 presenters session are shown below…




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