OSCC13 Expo Area Builds Underway

The builders of the Expo areas for OpenSimulator Community Conference have been very busy and their buildings and demonstrations are now taking shape ahead of the conference next weekend. Make sure you visit these areas to see all the work underway across the world on various OpenSim Grids.




There has been a real push in the OpenSim development community to use the creation of the in-world conference facilities to refine the system and make it more robust. The in-world conference facilities offer support for 200 person plenary sessions, 50 person breakout tracks, expos, demonstration and social areas. Audio streaming of the talks and panels, along with live streaming via Ustream, and recording for archival and later playback are supported. There are also “hypergrid” links to grids run by other universities, institutes and organisations to show a wide range of uses of OpenSim. Its meant to be a showcase for the community’s work over the last 6 years or so.

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1 Response to OSCC13 Expo Area Builds Underway

  1. I’ve been exploring and you’re right, these are really amazing builds. Great pics, Austin.

    I’ll be attending many of the sessions at OSCC13, and I’ll be giving what I hope is a fun little talk on Sunday: http://sched.co/18YmK6R

    Looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces this weekend. 🙂

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