OSCC13 Preliminary Personal Schedule

The OpenSimluator Community Conference 2913 is using a nice on-line scheduling and session information tool from Sched.org. My own first pass at scheduling my time amongst all the very interesting talks and panels is here… I may be using a second screen to keep an eye on other sessions and will be watching some of the recorded materials afterwards where parallel sessions mean I cannot be in three places at once!


Sched.org also provides nice short form URLs suitable for use in social media, etc.

My own talk covering my dissertation work on our MSc in e-Learning on “Activity in Context” for scenario-based training will now take place on Sunday at 4:30pm UK time (8:30am PDT) instead of Saturday as previously announced – the change is so that the even can be video recorded for later play back. http://sched.co/12GugCm

Interesting keynote panels and talks on OpenSim developments, viewers, mobile access, innovative applications are included in the conference. An example at 6:30pm UK time (11:30am PDT) is a talk by Grady Booch who is working on a major transmedia documentary on computing and the human experience. http://sched.co/18YmGE6

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