Mobile Simudyne Viewer for Microsoft Surface Pro

Simudyne, a London-based company with offices across the world, have released the Simudyne Viewer with features to allow for touch screen usage on the Microsoft Surface Pro. It is initially used to access only their own OpenSim-based SimuGrid.


The Simudyne Viewer is based on Alchemy, which is just now working on further OpenSim support according to the Simudyne team at the OpenSim Community Conference launch event. Right now the grid selections for the Simudyne Surface Pro viewer are hardcoded (to the Simudyne Azure Grid and the Simudyne Development Grid).


Register for a test avatar on Simugrid, and access the viewer download and user guide at

Grid URI:
Login Page:


Here are some snapshots of another visit in August 2014…

2014-08-28-Simudyne-1 2014-08-28-Simudyne-2

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