Roller Coasters on OSGrid Recreation Plaza

On Recreation Plaza on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid are some fine roller coaster and theme park rides built by Cuteulala Artis. Roller coasters are an interest of mine in real theme parks, simulation rides, virtual rides and games. I have been a long term member of the European Coaster Club which produces a fine colour newsletter “First Drop” keeping everyone up to date on theme park technology and new rides.

The rides are available in Cuteulala Park off the OSGrid Recreation Plaza arrival area. Get a free avatar at, get the virtual world viewer for Windows, Mac or Linux (e.g. Firestorm OpenSim version), select the OSGrid as your grid, login with your avatar name and go inworld. Setup a starter avatar (for free at the arrival area) and teleport over to the “Recreation Plaza” region. You can also see a video of the roller coasters on YouTube.


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