Marineville in OpenSim

Stand by for action! Marineville… I am calling battle stations… anything can happen in the next half hour…

The Marineville region in the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid is now complete with the addition of the Marineville Control Tower. The Tower uses Mateen Greenway’s Studio 3D Max Mesh exported in Collada format. This adds to the “Undersea Observatory” and “Abyss in a Box” elements – see this post for more details.

Marineville-Tower-and Stingray-in-OpenSim-2
2013-10-08-Marineville-Tower-and Stingray-in-OpenSim-1
2013-10-08-Marineville-Tower-and Stingray-on-OpenSim-1

Marineville region on OSGrid with water drained…


Visit Marineville on OSGrid at hop://

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