Supercar Team Black Rock Laboratory

9,000… 11,000… 15,000… Interlock on… Fire Both… Roof Doors Open…

Some detailing has been done on the Black Rock Lab 3D model in OpenSim using images from the TV show at DVD resolution…


The storage/fuel tank and pipework gantry to one side of the lab has now been added, along with various oil drums near the side doors. Concrete texture has been added where appropriate. The rooftop antennae have been moved to the correct positions using the overhead still frames from the TV show model.

The model also now includes scripted and animated roof doors with sound effects. An NPC Supercar Pilot is ready to fire up the engines.


On 15th-Dec-2013, changes were made to the Black Rock Lab interior door colours and control room monitors and telephones after reviewing the colour home footage movie made by TV Comic artist Bill Melvin and his wife on a visit to the A.P.Films Studio and included as bonus material on the 1999 release by Network of the Fireball XL5 DVD set – Bill Melvin’s Supercar Home Movie – on Disc Six.


Visit Black Rock on OSGrid at hop://

Final Fate of the Black Rock Lab Model

A YouTube video from the GerryAndersonTV team indicates what became of the series two Derek Meddings produced Black Rock Lab model

Just before the opening explosions in the Thunderbirds titles destroys the model. See [8:48]

Supercar TV Series Frame Colourisation

Pelham Cort (@johnxgin3), a fan fiction writer and colouriser, has colourised some frames from the TV episodes of Supercar and Fireball XL5 at and Here is one of the Black Rock Laboratory and another of Supercar from this web page.


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