KSCO Working Group Meeting 20-Feb-2014


The Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations (KSCO) working group met in Edinburgh and via telecom on 20th February 2014. Attending were:

  • Prof. Jitu Patel, Dstl, UK [KSCO Chairman]
  • Dr. Niranjan Suri, IHMC, Florida, USA [KSCO-2012 Organiser]
  • Prof. Austin Tate, AIAI, University of Edinburgh, UK [KSCO Web and Secretary]
  • Dr. James Lawton, AFOSR, USA (based in London, UK with EOARD) [KSCO Working Group Member]


The meeting noted the success of the KSCO-2012 workshop in Pensacola, Florida, and the publication of the KSCO special issue in IEEE Intelligent Systems in January/February 2013.

The meeting discussed the possibility of future workshops aligned to a number of current and future international programmes such as the Coalition Warfare Programme. It was agreed that the http://ksco.info web site would remain active to point at the resources created over 15 years of KSCO meetings and publications.


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