OpenSim Developers Meeting on OSGrid Wright Plaza 8-Apr-2014

Meeting of the OpenSim Developers group on OSGrid Wright Plaza on 8th April 2014.

Discussion was mostly about avatar height and hover issues. I described recent problems with the “Gerrymander” lizard mesh avatar, where the body shape hover height had to be changed from 42 to 50 (default) after recent changes in 0.8.0 dev master. Even then the feet are level on normal terrain, but sink into the prim surface on a prim/object pavement. So when the avatar moves/walks it hovers about 10-15cm above the ground.

I also raised the problem of object autoreturn across the Hypergrid when objects were returned to their owner. the logging is very voluminous and blocks the grid. See



Justin Clark-Casey, Ai Austin and Lani Global at OpenSim Dev Meeting

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