WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – External Access Tests

I have converted the OpenSim derived WhiteCore-based WhiteVue test grid to use just a single “ROBUST” style core server (Whitecore.Server.exe) and one region server (WhiteCore.exe) as recommended by developer @Fly_Man_.


There are a range of ports (8002, 8003 and 8010 to 8013, 80 or 8080, plus 9000-.. for regions) that are used – some of which will not be open on our firewalls. Hence external testing will have to await clarification of what ports are required for WhiteCore and which MUST be externally opened.

A number of issues have been reported on the WhiteCore-Dev Github Issue Tracker as a result of testing to date.

So, perhaps not surprisingly, trying to access the WhiteVue test grid from a viewer running on a (home) machine external to our University servers got only part way in… The region did rez but the avatar stays as a cloud and only folders appear in the inventory… no actual inventory items at all. [This was actually the same trying on the 6 server version too].


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