WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – Firewall and Mesh Tests

Continuing with testing of the WhiteCore release of OpenSim, I amended the various configuration files to change port 8003 and ports 8010 to 8013 to use their 90xx equivalents, since those 90xx ports are open for region add-on usage through our firewalls on a test machine.


With these changes in place, an external viewer running on a home machine outside the University was able to connect to a test single instance WhiteCore Server (WhiteCoreServer.exe) and Region Server (WhiteCore.exe). A few connection errors due to LSL scripts remain which will be examined later, and are likely to be due to the use of unsupported osFunctions.


Mesh Tests

A quick test of rezzing a complex mesh, a Supercar Collada mesh, was done and that all seemed to be fine. Using the Blender Project Sintel character rigged mesh avatar also worked fine.


2014-05-04-WhiteCore-Test-Supercar-Mesh-2 Sintel Mesh Avatar

2014-05-04-WhiteCore-Test-Supercar-and Sintel-Mesh

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2 Responses to WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – Firewall and Mesh Tests

  1. bat says:

    The three red LSL script messages from the OpenVCE OAR turned out to be issues with the LSL itself

    a = Fn1 (b = Fn2)); had to be converted to b = Fn2; a = Fn1(b);

    on_rez(); requires a parameter. I.e. on_rez(integer start_param);

  2. bat says:

    @greythane notes that sample WhiteCore configurations and WhiteCore on a Stick builds are available at http://WhiteCore-Sim.org

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