High Fidelity Alpha Tests – First Screens

[At 15th May 2014: This blog post is private and created for future visibility. It will only be opened once the alpha test phase is passed.]

I have been invited to join in the alpha testing for the High Fidelity virtual world from Philip Rosedale’s company in San Francisco. Philip was the originator of Linden Lab’s Second Life. The Alpha Testers Forum is at https://alphas.highfidelity.io/

2014-05-15-HiFi-First-Screen-1 hifi-snap-by-Be_Austin-on-2014-05-15_20-55-08@6219-04_211_6011-03

Shared via the in-world “Ctrl/S” snapshot mechanism to
(requires alpha tester login credentials).


2014-05-15-HiFi-First-Screen-2 2014-05-15-HiFi-First-Screen-3

Having read a little documentation I as able to do the following…

  1. Change avatar name label and avatar shape via Preferences.
  2. Sample building using TAB to turn on and off the build tools, “0” (zero) to create a voxel, then left click to add one at currently selected size and colour, and right click to remove one or make a hole in one at currently selected size. Ctrl/Z undoes last addition.
  3. A set of default scripts must be running to have the voxel build tools be present. This should run by default on startup, but in alpha testing sometimes is not running. They can be manually loaded from
  4. Turn on gravity and solid floor/wall collision effects (off by default) via Edit -> Object Environmental Gravity and all Collision Options on.
  5. Turn on Shadows to improve the 3D visuals to be able to tell when an avatar is on a solid plane, rather than floating in the air.
  6. Enter to bring up chat window which shows other users around you. Click on any to go to their position.
  7. Use @ to bring up a window to go to a location. Can go to a person via @Person. Can go to a connected server/domain via e.g. hifi://thoyes.nl (list available at https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/wiki/Domains). Can name any current position and go to them via #name
  8. Add attachments via Edit -> Attachments and add a new attachment from the available set of models at a suitable attachment point (e.g. Elvis Glasses on Head) and then scale and adjust their position as appropriate).
  9. Addition of a 3D mesh in FBX format into the world (use sandbox.highfidelity.io for tests) using the sample script at
    which when run puts a small “prim” box to the right hand side of the screen (it may be hidden by the chat window). Click this and it offers one of a number of FBX sample models to load. Modify the script to load alternative FBX models. Or just type in a new URL to upload thye model required.
  10. Tests of a range of 3D mesh models for avatar skeletons, attachments and in world objects, including the Sintel Avatar (see Blog Post on Mesh Models) and Supercar for Orbiter (3DS converted to FBX via Autodesk’s FBX Converter tool).

2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-1 2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-2
2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-4-Ai 2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-5
2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-6-Castle 2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-7-Castle
2014-05-16-HiFi-Day2-8-Attachment-Shades 2014-05-23-HiFi-625-FBX-Models

In the final image above, showing uploaded mesh models in FBX form in world, tests on 22nd and 23rd May 2014 on a Microsoft Surface Pro (mark 1 with Intel 4000 HD Graphics) indicates Build 625 works reasonably, but audio devices are not recognised in this version.

Mesh Avatar Tests

HiFi supports FBX meshes for avatar heads, skeletons(bodies) and multiple attachments. An example robot avatar uploaded by a user is shown when worn as the avatar appearance. A quick test of taking the Blender Sintel open source rigged mesh avatar from OpenSim/OSGrid via Firestorm Viewer 4.6.5 object export to Collada (.dae) and then conversion to FSX format via the Autodesk FBX converter, without any adjustment, is shown as worn. The avatar needed to be scaled to 500 rather than the default import scale of 15 to be roughly the right size. Also the avatar is rotated as Z is up in Blender but Y is up in Maya/Studio 3D max.

2014-05-28-Robot-Kyle-Avatar 2014-05-28-Sintel-Mesh-Avatar-FBX-Test

Supercar Mesh Tests

Using the Supercar for Orbiter low resolution mesh (3DS format available) converted to FBX via Autodesk’s FBX Converter tool.

2014-05-29-Supercar-in-Hifi-666-1 2014-05-29-Supercar-Mesh-in-HiFi-666

Image above shared with HiFi alpha testers via “Ctrl/S” in the Interface at URL: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/random-picture-thread/244/121


After resizing the meshes, using an appropriate working version of editModels.js…


Licensing Issues on HiFi Interface Launch

Early builds (around build 587, on 15-May-2014) introduced an annoying licensing failure, probably on the “Visage technologies” element of the Interface which provides face and eye tracking to animate the avatar, which had the effect of locking out Windows users. Later builds did not introduce the problem, but also or a while did not resolve the issue on systems already effected.


Forums, Community Development and worklist.net

HiFi-Alphas-ForumsHigh Fidelity alpha testers are sharing their experience between themselves and with developers via the Alphas Forum at https://alphas.highfidelity.io.

High Fidelity uses a community work model via the web site http://worklist.net to make available development work to members of the community.

2014-05-29-Worklist-1 2014-05-29-Worklist-2

A Lonely Metaverse

It is alpha testing time, but as at 2nd June 2014… Ai and Be are alone in the metaverse…


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