Hypergrid Hops on OpenSim between Kitely and Openvue

HyperGrid Enabled Logo by Kitely The commercial OpenSimulator-based Kitely grid, which implements a market place for virtual worlds good such as avatar clothing and building components, today announced it has enabled the “HyperGrid” to allow teleportation of avatars between their grid and other OpenSim grids which allow hypergrid access. Kitely also proposed a logo which might be used to show that a grid was HyperGrid enabled.

Kitely Now Supports the Hypergrid, with Strong Content ProtectionsBlog Post 9-May-2014

Tests using the hop:// links between the Open Virtual University of Edinburgh (Openvue) grid and Kitely showed all is working smoothly. If a teleport fails on the first attempt just try a second time as avatar asset loading might take a while and the teleport time out on the first attempt before this stage is complete.

Test hop:// links are at http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~ai/hg/html… for example, you can teleport from any hypergrid enabled grid to the “Kitley Welcome Center” with this hop…



Kitely implements a load on demand type arrangement to bring regions on-line when they are required. This may mean that you are temporarily located on a “Transfer” region while the world is loaded and then you are automatically teleported onwards to your intended destination. Here s an example when teleporting from the Openvue grid to the “Universal Campus” region on Kitely using



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