WhiteCore Version of OpenSim – Update to 0.9.2

Rowan Deppeler (@greythane) one of the core WhiteCore developers has revamped the folders used to store grid configuration, persistent databases and region sim data, and cached/temporary files and data. This is to allow for an easier and less error prone upgrade procedure.


WhiteCoreSim 0.9.2 Folder Layout Early Proposal from Rowan Deppeler

As testing for the WhiteCore development, I reused data from the “Whitevue” 0.9.1 (first release) test grid which has a Grid setup and a Sim with two regions (OpenVCE and Vue-Port) all running on a single server. The five *.db files have to go in Data/SQLite and the two *.sim region files into Data/Sim. The Config files from 0.9.1 needed very careful checking that all paths for include files were now pointing at the relevant new directory locations. A few attempts to get this right were needed as there are quite a lot of files involved. But after that and a few startup messages relating to scripts reloading on first startup, things seem to be working fine…


OpenVCE Region on Whitevue Grid using WhiteCoreSim 0.9.2

WhiteCore Console Commands


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