Curio 3D Browser and Unity 3D VirtualWorldWeb

Curio is a 3D browser using the Unity platform to provide a multi-user online virtual world. After registering at or and creating an avatar (multiple personas are allowed in a single account) you can launch the browser in the “Alpha” test world provided by the developers. The aim eventually is to have a range of such worlds provided by a number of organisations which you can visit.

Alpha World

The initially provided test space for Curio and the VirtualWorldWeb is called Alpha.


Locations and Teleports

When you enter the Alpha environment you are at a central hub with a range of location teleport units around through which you can reach a variety of destinations. Walking into the teleport loads the destination world and places you there.


Weather effects such as rain, thunder and lightning are available at a location such as Rocky park.

Interaction with Non-Player Characters (NPCs) such as the Coffee Shop barrister is available to obtain objects which can animate your avatar, such as a coffee cup, and a bin to drop the empty cup in. Seats support sitting (!).

2014-05-27-Curio-14-Coffee-Shop-1 2014-05-27-Curio-14-Coffee-Sit-1

Snow and Park zones are provided, and with the “R” command you can have your avatar change from walking to running.

Various theatre and dance club areas are under development.

Social Networking

Support is already in place for test chat with URLs in the chat clickable to launch a browser. It is possible to link up with friends via a list with outstanding requests shown too. Friends have an indication of their on-line presence. Direct instant messaging messaging is supported (while users are online, offline message delivery is not yet supported).

2014-05-27-Curio-9-And-Add-Friend 2014-05-27-Curio-10-Ai-and-Be

Personal Spaces and Building Design

2014-05-27-Curio-Zabys-1 2014-05-27-Curio-Zabys-2

One home space (cabin, apartment or house) is available for each persona, and this can have various objects placed inside it and edited or adjusted. The items are available from a store (currently all free items). The editing style is very similar to Sony PlayStation Home.

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