Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater on Kitely Grid

Inara Pey who writes the “Living in a Modemworld” virtual worlds blog has created a beautiful model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater initially in Second Life and has now recreated her build on the OpenSimulator-based Kitely grid.


More details at

Visit using your OpenSimulator avatar via any hypergrid enabled OpenSim grid using this hop…


Fallingwater on Littlefield Grid

Fallingwater is also modelled in the OpenSimulator-based Littlefield Grid by Camryn Darkstone…


For more details see a previous post at
or visit via

hop:// Run/23/53/30

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2 Responses to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater on Kitely Grid

  1. Inara Pey says:

    Thanks for the write-up!

    I’ll have to compare notes with Camryn on our respective builds, I’ve not visited Littlefield (as yet!).

    I hadn’t realised you were a space exploration advocate! If you’re interested, I post on various topics related to space & astronomy, all under the category:

    And notably on NASA’s MSL mission (with some MER coverage):

  2. bat says:

    Nice. Great work on Fallingwater.

    I used to work a bit with NASA and ESA in RL via my research at the University of Edinburgh. Our names are on the side of Curiosity! See bottom of this blog post for a place to visit some spacecraft models in OpenSim…

    NASA space suit ready to pick up near the Voyager memorial there. And if you fly up 300m above the memorial you can find Deep Space One.

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