Dick Vet School on Vue

The University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Dick Vet) has for some time had a presence in the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) regions in Second Life and has its base on the “Edinburgh East” region in the Vue areas. They have provided the open access sandbox on their region as a facility which other schools and residents in Second Life can utilise.



Brian Mather in the Dick vet and Fiona Littleton in Information Services manage the Edinburgh East area with an area called “Easter Bush”. For some time a farm and stable area has been in place with screens and other educational aids related to animal welfare. They have recently been rebuilding the main gallery and office space to have builds that look like the real life Dick Vet Campus Buildings at the Bush Estate in Edinburgh…

2014-Dick-Ver-in-RL-1 DickVetSchool-2

Some “work in progress” images are shown below…

2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-3 2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-4
2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-1 2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-2
2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-5 2014-07-11-Dick-Vet-in-SL-6

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