OpenSim Regions from the Open Source Community

The OpenSimulator community has made available a wide range of complete regions in OpenSim Archive (OAR) format that are freely available… often via the Creative Commons By Attribution Non-Commercial (CC-BY-NC) use license… meaning they can be used freely, but not resold. Many of these regions have excellent reusable assets, and some even contain “stores” which make the contents, specially themed avatars, clothing and other resources available.

OpenVCE – Open Virtual Collaboration Environment

The project from AIAI at the University of Edinburgh, working with Clever Zebra and the US Army Research Labs made its collaboration region and assets available under the flexible Lesser GPL license.

2014-05-06-WhiteVue-with-OpenVCE-OAR-Midday OpenVCE Region

Linda Kellie – Assets and Regions

winter-amphitheater winter-giftshop2

Linda Kellie is a well known and prolific builder of open source assets for Second Life and OpenSim and has made available several well developed regions. An example is her “Winter” region with associated avatar, clothing and furniture store. They are widely available… but use a search engine to find the latest locations, as other developers and OpenSimulator community members often offer to host her assets and make them available for download. Sample locations in 2014 are: and

Stormhaven – Port Aurora

A very nice pirate themed region is available via the OpenSim Creations – June 2014 Challenge – “Stormhaven Port Aurora OAR”
by “jamiewright” posted on Jun 24, 2014 CC-BY-NC

Or via DreamGrid OARs: OAR (as .tgz), Readme, Thumbnail Image.

2014-07-14-Stormhaven_003 2014-07-14-Stormhaven_004
2014-07-14-Stormhaven_007 2014-07-14-Stormhaven_006

Other Virtual World Assets from the Open Source Community

There are many more resources including terrain height maps, building and object textures, avatar clothing and appearance items, scripts (Linden Scripting Language – LSL), etc.

There are many fine examples, including tutorials on how to learn from and adapt the samples given at Ferd Frederix via his Phaze Demesnes and Free LSL Scripts web sites has provided many fine open source resources, scripts, objects and avatars in Second Life and OpenSim… and is covered in a previous blog post…

The Open Creations community also creates and makes available a wide range of assets. A nice simple example if the “Balloon Generator” to create a release of coloured balloons… at


Try also these stores and web sites which list or include free items:

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