Second Life Experiences

Linden Labs is introducing more game-like “experiences” to Second Life. This extends the previous “Linden Realms” which are now incorporated into the overall experience model. Experiences allow a region or area in Second Life to work on an avatar in a game fashion once appropriate permissions are given by the user.

A new “LR Portal Park” gives access to a hub through which various experiences can be entered… and more can be set up by region owners and found via the viewer search mechanisms.


Then a range of games and experiences can be reached, including previous Linden Realms and Second Life Premium Account regions like “The Wilderness”.


2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-1 2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-3
2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-14 2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-15
2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-21 2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-22

“The Cornfields” is one of the new “Experiences” based games available via the portal, though the full experience needs an updated “project viewer” which is not currently the default downloaded viewer.

2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-23 2014-07-16-SL-Experiences-24

Game or Experience related “currencies” can be obtained and used for various rewards or gifts…


Maps of some of the experiences regions include the 12 region Linden Realms and the 6 region “Wilderness”…

Linden-Realms-12-Region-Map Wilderness-6-Region-Map

More details are at:

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