Enabling the Viewer Destination Guide for OpenSim Grids

Firestorm-Viewer-Destinations-Button“Version 3” style virtual world viewers, such as Firestorm, can provide access to a “Destination Guide” for Second Life, or the OpenSim grid you are on… so long as this feature is enabled by the grid provider.


How to Enable the Destinations Guide for OpenSim Grids

In your Robust.ini or Robust.HG.ini file [LoginService] section there is a “DestinationGuide” parameter which can be used to communicate a URL to use for the destination guide to “V3” style viewers which enable this. Uncomment the entry and provide a suitable URL to be used…

; For V3 destination guide
DestinationGuide = “http://www.yourdomain.org/guide.html”

Make the content be suitable for presenting in the “in-viewer” browser, so avoid complex HTML or any viewer-side scripting. PHP should work as that is generated server-side. The viewers by default show the destination panel as a narrow strip which can be resized horizontally, but has fixed height, so you may want to tailor the display contents to that. E.g., for the Openvue grid this is how the destination guide is presented…

; For V3 destination guide
DestinationGuide = “http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:8002/resources/guide.html”

You can have the user click on a link to open a teleport dialogue in the viewer by providing links on destination names or thumbnail images in this destination page which are of the form (spaces are given as spaces and not the typical URL %20 form)…

secondlife:///app/teleport/Region Name/128/128/22

If you wish to show a HyperGrid destination use a form like this…

secondlife:///app/teleport/hg.osgrid.org:80:Wright Plaza

You are welcome to view the source of the Openvue guide URL given above and adapt the HTML for use on your own grid.

Serving the Destinations Guide via the Wifi Web Interface

The Openvue destinations page at http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:8002/resources/guide.html
is actually served from the Diva “Wifi” web interface and its ability to provide “additionally served resources” for example as web pages which can pull in some parametric information from the OpenSim grid server. This is done by adding a “ServePath_…” entry in the [WifiService] section of WiFi.ini as follows…

;; Additionally served resources
;; Syntax: ServePath_Name = “LocalPath, ServedPath”
;; (Name is any arbitrary identifier)
;; With the following example, the contents of folder “resources” at the same
;; level as the OpenSim base “bin” folder can be accessed
;; via path /resources
ServePath_Resources = “../resources, /resources”

OSGrid Destination Guide

OSGrid has also provided a destination guide since April 2015, and this might act as another framework for how to implement the images and links…


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  1. bat says:

    Hyperica has created an experimental destination guide URL which might be suitable for a Hypergrid enabled OpenSim server which does not wish to provide its own destination guide. the URL is


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