High Fidelity Alpha Tests – 1000 Up

I began HiFi testing on 15th May 2014 with Windows Build 587 and using the hifi://sandbox.highfidelity.io domain. This week the 1,000th build of the HiFi Interface was released. Some screenshots are provided here of build 999 and build 1000 to mark the occasion

Interface – Build 1000 on Windows


hifi-snap-by-Ai_Austin-on-2014-08-19_20-10-39@139-999_999-987_138 hifi-snap-by-Ai_Austin-on-2014-08-19_20-16-29@19-5444_1-79136_13-4611

Interface – Build 999 on Windows


Stack Manager/Assignment Client

We normally run a server (stack manager/assignment client) for the domain hifi://hifi.aiai.ed.ac.uk…


We are experimenting with also running a server (stack manager/assignment client) to add supplementary server capacity for the shared hifi://alpha.highfidelity.io domain…


Useful URLs

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