High Fidelity Alpha Tests – NPC Bots as Assignments

As an example of providing “assignments” to a domain server, the alphas.highfidelity.io forum provided an example to run a number of NPC “bots” on a domain. Instructions (alpha tester login required) are at:


The idea is that you use the Domain Server/Stack Manager HTTP interface on, e.g., http://hifi.aiai.ed.ac.uk:40100 and its “Assignments” -> “New Assignment” menu to create a number of instances of an assignment written in Javascript. An example is given of a procedurally controlled walking avatar which can be moved about in a zone that the script specified. The avatar is animated and sounds are produced. The “bot_propcedural.js” script is available (publicly) at:


This queues the assignments. They can then be started in an instance of an “Assignment Client”.


The Interface viewer can then be used to log in to te area where the bots were spwaned and seen…


hifi-snap-by-Ai_Austin-on-2014-08-19_14-50-44@5-52127_1-79148_2-87313 hifi-snap-by-Ai_Austin-on-2014-08-19_15-08-01@1-37131_1-79156_0-703937

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