Jim Clark Cars on Forth Bridge

On Thursday 21st August 2014, a number of Jim Clark cars were on show at the Forth Road Bridge HQ in South Queensferry and then were driven over the Forth Road Bridge, from South to North.



Jim-Cark-Lotus-43-Getting-Ready-To-Fire-Up Lotus-43-Engine
Jim Clark’s own road going Lotus Cortina was there, and his Lotus 43 with it’s BRM H-16 engine.

Jim-Clark-Lotus-Cortina Jim-Clark-Lotus-Cortina-and-xx

Run over the Forth Road Bridge

It’s not every day that you see a Formula 1 car from the 1960s crossing the Forth Road Bridge…. speed limit does not apply…


Lotus Club Line Up

A number of Lotus owners also brought along their cars from the various decades…

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  1. bat says:

    An article in the Courier and on their web site covered the event and showed a number of images…


  2. bat says:

    Update November 2023: Scalextric released three slot racing cars in a set… C4395A The Legend of Jim Clark Triple Pack…

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