VR Headset – Circa 2015

Lets consider what ought to be included in a reasonable price consumer virtual reality headset by the end of 2015 or early 2016…


  1. Curved hi-resolution screen.
  2. In-situ eyepieces with +/- eye adjustment.
  3. Stereo audio with over ear cup earpieces (not in-ear buds).
  4. Microphone.
  5. Audio large button controls on outside of earpieces (mute, volume up and down).
  6. Video control buttons on outside of other earpiece (3D, Outside forward view “pass thru”, mix “pass thru” in as ghost).
  7. Inertial head positioning and eye tracking.
  8. Optical eye position outward facing hi-resolution camera, which can feed the outside view onto the headset (projected solid or overlaid) as a “see-thru” option by clicking one of the video buttons on the side of the device.
  9. IR or other sensors suitable for picking up hi-resolution hand movements.
  10. Wireless connectivity to “place anywhere” base station with all necessary wired connections to host computer or mobile device.

As others have observed, many of these technologies are available in bulk at reducing prices as they are also components of Smart Phones.

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