High Fidelity Alpha Tests – Domains and Places

The HiFi Domain Manager/Stack Manager and Interface client, together with central High Fidelity services now supports the creation of hifi://Name domains and places within such domains. They are available via

hifi://hifi.aiai.ed.ac.uk is now registered as hifi://Vue and a number of sample places for “aiai”, “iss” (space station at 1000m) and “openvce” have been created for tests.


By late September 2014 the HiFi Data Directory had thumbnails and clickable hifi://links to launch the Interface…


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2 Responses to High Fidelity Alpha Tests – Domains and Places

  1. bat says:

    A publicly accessible blog post by Dan Hope about some of the High Fidelity Alpha testers, including Ai Austin, was released on 16th September 2014 at


    An extract is…

    In another part of realspace, Ai_Austin is building a virtual space for users. Ai_Austin is a proponent of I-Rooms — or “virtual spaces for intelligent interaction” — which will make it possible for users to meet, interact, and ultimately collaborate.

    You might have figured out by now that 3D worlds are no good if they can’t handle 3D models accurately, which is why Ai_Austin also tests mesh handling for complex 3D objects. The image shows the “supercar” mesh, which has 575,000 vertices and 200,000 faces, being tested in HiFi. There are several other meshes he uses, too, including one of the International Space Station that was provided by NASA.

    Care to take a stroll on the ISS? The solar panels look particularly beautiful tonight.

  2. bat says:

    Inara Pey did a blog post on 17th September 2014 about the article on HiFi Alpha Testers by Dan Hope…


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