Project Spark

Project-Spark-Logo-400x225Microsoft’s Project Spark is a game or world creator for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. An Xbox Live account is needed to download and use Project Spark. This can be obtained free and linked to any Microsoft Account. See Wikipedia article. This blog post brings together links and resources during a quick test.


Xbox Live Avatar - Ai Austin

Project Spark – Resources

Project Spark – Create, Sculpt, Share, Play

Project-Spark-Splash-Screen Project-Spark-Play

Suspension Platform Game Example

Project-Spark-Suspension-1 Project-Spark-Suspension-2

Champions Quest: Void Storm Game Example

Project-Spark-Champions-Quest-Title Project-Spark-Champions-Quest-Characters
Project-Spark-Champions-Quest-1 Project-Spark-Champions-Quest-2

Project Spark – World Creation Tools

Project Spark – AiLand Test World


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