Oculus Rift DK2 – Project Viewer


On 15th October 2014 Linden Lab released an Oculus Rift compatible version of the Second Life “Project Viewer” which can be installed alongside the main official released viewer. The Rift viewer has version number At present the Rift DK2 has to be used as the second screen in extended desktop mode, rather than in the “Direct to Rift” driver mode. This is because the current OculusVR SDK 0.4.2 Beta does not yet properly support OpenGL as needed for the Second Life viewer. This Linden Labs Second Life Community blog post gives details…



The viewer download and release notes are available off the “Second Life Beta Viewers” link near the bottom of http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/

Recommended Destinations for Rift Experiences

There is a list of destinations in Second Life that are suited to testing your Rift at https://secondlife.com/destinations/oculus

One seasonal experience is a Halloween Haunted Mansion at https://secondlife.com/destination/haunted-halloween-tour


Most images too gory to blog! And my eyes were shut most of the time anyway!

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