OpenSim Pirate Lands

Several OpenSim artists have created pirate themed regions and made them available in the form of OpenSim Archives (OARs)…

Cove on OSGrid uses the OpenSim Creation “Stonehaven – Port Aurora” OAR previously described in this blog post from July 2014. It contains a range of mesh buildings and their contents, and a variety of pirate ships. A set of pirate themed and related clothing avatars are also available.

And Colin Hetherington from Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland has done a pirate themed hobby region with some excellent textured objects. This is used on the OSGrid Tortuga region.

Here the two regions have been loaded onto the Sim-on-a-Stick OpenSim distribution.



Stonehaven – Port Aurora – by “jamiewright” on OpenSim Creations

2014-07-14-Stormhaven_003 2014-07-14-Stormhaven_004
2014-07-14-Stormhaven_007 2014-07-14-Stormhaven_006

Stonehaven – Port Aurora via DreamGrid OARs: OAR (as .tgz), Readme, Thumbnail Image.

Pirate Isle – by Colin Hetherington

2014-10-28-Pirate-Isle-1_001 2014-10-28-Pirate-Isle-1_002
2014-10-28-Pirate-Isle-1_003 2014-10-28-Pirate-Isle-1_004

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