RGU Diver Avatar on AiLand

Colin Hetherington, who produced the Robert Gordon’s University (RGU) oil rig training facility, has also created mesh attachments and a diver wet suit for OpenSim and Second Life. 3D mesh parts are imported to the virtual world platform via the Collada DAE mesh file format. As mentioned in other posts, the oil rig build allows for a range of platform and subsea training events hosted in the virtual world.


Colin gave me permission to use his diver avatar meshes and textures on our virtual world regions… some images are shown below.

At the RGU Oil Rig and Seabed Blow Out Preventer

2014-10-28-RGU-Diver-on-Oil-Rig-Deck 2014-10-28-RGU-Diver-at-Oil-Rig-BOP-3

At Marineville and the Undersea Observatory

2014-10-28-RGU-Diver-with-Undersea-Observatory-2 2014-10-28-RGU-Diver-with-Whale

And on the Oculus Rift DK2


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