Unity Project – OpenVCE and I-Room

In preparation for some testing of the free version of Unity 4.5.5 and the Oculus Rift integration, I have updated some of my earlier tests of Unity3D from 2010-2011. Several of these builds are demonstrated at http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~ai/unity/



The OpenSim-based “OpenVCE” region converted via the Tipodean OpenSim -> Collada -> Unity3D path works fine with a simple single user build. This is ready for further work and linking to the multi-user facilities and enriched UI-Room capabilities in due course.

Unity-4-5-5-OpenVCE-Editor Unity-4-5-5-OpenVCE-Player

I-Room and Multi-User Collaboration

The Unity I-Room demonstration was originally built as a self-paced tutorial for me following the book “Unity Game Development Essentials” by Will Goldstone (ed. 2009) and making use of the SmartFox Server multi-user support libraries and a good on online tutorial.

Unity-4-5-5-I-RoomMMO-Editor Unity-4-5-5-I-RoomMMO-Player

Unity Island Demo


There has been a very useful and rich demonstration of a tropical island in Unity for some years, but it often gets lost, changes its download location or has newly introduced errors after upgrades. The current link for a live demo and the download is currently at http://unity3d.com/showcase/live-demos#tropical-paradise (as at October 2014). This version though needs a few script errors correcting before it will run. Download zip of source and models from http://unity3d.com/files/live-demos/tropical-paradise/IslandDemo.zip [Local Copy]

Suggested error corrections were found via other developers blogs…


  • Assets/Scripts/UnderwaterEffects.js(23,46): BCE0022: Cannot convert ‘UnityEngine.GameObject’ to ‘float’. Lets try to modify it from:
    • if(water) waterLevel = water.gameObject;
    • to: (just a guess)
    • if(water) waterLevel = water.gameObject.position.y;
  • New error comes up:
    Assets/Editor/UpdateTreeColors.js(13,17): BCE0031: Language feature not implemented: UnityEditor.
  • That is some editor script, lets disable it for now, by renaming the file to “UpdateTreeColors.js_” (in Windows Explorer, cannot do inside Unity)

And some corrections for the issues with the shaders and missing semantics…

After making some of these changes at 31-Oct-2014 I am down to two shader-related errors and one warning… but interestingly I can run the demo in the previewer and even build the application even with these specific errors… with vivid pink water (and similar vivid pink glass on buildings in other demos)…


The remaining two errors and one warning are:

  • Shader error in ‘FX/Island Water Simple’: ‘vert’: function return value missing semantics at line 81
  • Shader error in ‘FX/Island Water Simple’: ‘frag’: input parameter ‘i’ missing semantics at line 123
  • Shader warning in ‘FX/Island Water Simple’: Upgrade NOTE: SubShader commented out because of manual shader assembly at line 168

Oculus Rift

Next step is to follow the tutorials to integrate the I-Room and SmartFox Server Multi-User demonstration environment with the Oculus Rift Unity integration package.

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