OpenSim – Visit to Ingen Labs – Vehicles, Physics and Varregions

Shin Ingen runs the iTEC Ingen Labs OpenSim/Arriba-based grid (based in Texas) which he uses for development of vehicle scripts (aircraft, helicopters and motor vehicles) and large (Varregion) race tracks with instrumented timing gateways with web-based scoreboard reporting systems (based on Gwyneth Llewelyn’s Second Life/OpenSim user to WordPress connector code).

His web site and open source resources are available at and his grid can be visited via HyperGrid URL

Snapshot_002 2014-10-30-Ingen-Labs-Car-Race-1
2014-10-30-Ingen-Labs-Car-Race-Porsche 2014-10-30-Ingen-Labs-Car-Race-Crash

The final image shows the car ditched underwater after a rather too tight turn led to me running over the race track edge barrier!

iTEC Ingen Labs Dragster

Shin Ingen has also provided a freely accessible Don Garlits “Big Daddy” style dragster with the race HID tio use the drag strip with “Christmas tree” starting light system. Get a copy via a HyperGrid visit to the arrival hanger at …


Arriba Fork of OpenSim

The iTEC Ingen-Lab grid is based on the “Arriba” grid setup, itself a fork off the OpenSim development and intended to give a simple to set up single server grid. See this article for more information…

The download links in that post may be out of date… the most recent link can be found via a forum, e.g.,

Ingen Labs in the Oculus Rift

When I get more time I need to try out the iTEC Ingen labs track driving in first person mode with the Oculus Rift…


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