Coursera AI Planning MOOC 2015 – First Virtual World Meeting

The first meeting of the 2015 AI Planning MOOC group session took place in Second Life on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at 7pm UT/GMT on “The Venue@Vue” meeting area on the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue). For more details of the venue see AIPLAN Virtual Worlds Meeting Spaces.

Platform Location URL
Second Life Venue@Vue – Amphitheatre for up to 100 avatars SLurl
Second Life I-Room@Vue – I-Room for up to 30 avatars SLurl


Over 60 participants turned up to meet and chat, sort out their virtual world viewer setup, and enable voice and media playback. A test playback of the AI Planning for Robots MPEG-4 video took place on a Media on a Prim (MOAP) screen. Available also on YouTube at

2014-01-15-AIPLAN-MOOC-SLChecks 2014-01-15-AIPLAN-MOOC-Agenda-Inworld
AIPLAN-MOOC-SL-Checks AIPLAN-Agenda-003-Week1

AI Planning MOOC Sandbox in Second Life

Loki Clifton, creator of the Original Holodeck in Second Life, educator in SL and a participant in the AI Planning MOOC has kindly provided a sandbox area which class participants can use. A landmark is available in the “Map Pin” object near to the course logo at the Venue@Vue or you can directly teleport to the sandbox via:



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    Note this MOOC and series of seminars on using Second Life and OpenSim to support teaching…

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