High Fidelity Public Tests – Place Directory

High Fidelity’s virtual world has been in closed alpha test to invited individuals since May 2014, but occasionally some parts are made public. One is the introduction of a publicly accessible directory of “Places”… part of the commercial model for High Fidelity. Place names can be reserved for US$20 per name per annum. The directory as it appears on 16th January 2015… containing mostly the domain and place names that have been used by High Fidelity alpha testers looks like this…


Discussion about the High Fidelity developments has been in a closed “Alphas” forum since May 204 and blogging publicly, except to repost public statements by High Fidelity Inc. themselves has been discouraged. I have been making private posts throughout the alpha testing period, with the aim of making them publicly visible as a record of the work when that is approved by High Fidelity.

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