Disney’s Futureland in Second Life

[I do indeed mean “Tomorrowland” at Disney… as pointed out by xadllas… thanks]

2015-01-27-Discovery-Mk-II-Meadowlea-Isle-6 2015-01-27-Discovery-Mk-II-Meadowlea-Isle-4

The Second Life Destination Guide shows interesting or seasonal regions and sites that are worth exploring. In January 2015 the guide included the “Discovery Mark II (Theme Park)” build on a quarter (128m X 128m) of the Meadowlea Isle region. This includes a nice build by “Mr.Broccoli” (Xadllas Bing) which has a plaza like the World of Tomorrow/Futureland Plaza and attractions at Disneyland, including Space Mountain, AstroRobiter, the PeopleMover, etc.

2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-9 2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-1
2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-2 2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-4
2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-5 Snapshot_005
2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-7 2015-01-20-SL-Discovery-8

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  1. Dallas says:

    I think you mean Tomorrowland…

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