OpenSimWorld – Listing of Hypergrid Accessible Virtual Worlds

OpenSimWorld provides a graphical listing of Hypergrid accessible OpenSim-based virtual worlds. It works by linking a web site and an in world beacon. An OpenSim grid/region owner can set up a listing on the web site and get a “key” code to put into a scripted in world beacon object which reports from the OpenSim region on whether it is online and the number of avatars in the region. The Beacon can be obtained as an OpenSim Inventory Archive (IAR) via the web site at or in world on the OpenSimWorld Grid (hop://

2015-02-11-OpenSimWorld-Beacon-Dispenser 2015-02-11-OpenSimWorld-Beacon-InWorld_001

Use of OpenSimWorld HUD

An OpenSimWorld HUD is provided which an avatar can attach to allow for HyperGrid travel to listed destinations.


OpenSim hop:// Protocol Supported

OpenSimWorld-Hypergrid-ButtonsWhen a listing is brought up on the OpenSimWorld web site, the Hypergrid address for the grid/region is shown and a set of buttons provided to allow for teleport. This includes providing a button for the hop:// style protocol intended to provide an OpenSim alternative to using the secondlife:// protocol and which is supported within the Firestorm, Kokua and other OpenSim compatible viewers.

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