OSGrid – Vue and Expt Addon Regions

OSGrid, the grid used by many members of the OpenSimulator developers and users as a community hub, is back in service after a prolonged period of being unavailable due to a serious disk failure. The grid has been rebuilt to be more robust in future.


Individual avatar inventories and outfits have been preserved after the recovery, and the main meeting Plazas all are operational… along with some shared regions like the Recreation Plaza and Cuteulala Park roller coaster regions…

2015-02-25-OSGrid-Lbsa-Plaza 2015-02-25-OSGrid-Cuteulala-Park-2

Following some testing, the virtual4.aiai.ed.ac.uk server was used to bring up our addon regions previously available. This includes regions on… Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue estate: Vue-Port, Edinburgh and OpenVCE regions), Experimental (Expt estate: AI and Oil-Rig regions) and Gerry Anderson themed (GA estate: Black Rock, Space City and Marineville regions).

2015-02-25-OSGrid-Edinburgh-1 2015-02-25-OSGrid-Edinburgh-2
2015-02-25-OSGrid-OpenVCE-2 2015-02-25-OSGrid-OpenVCE-1
2015-02-25-OSGrid-Vue-Rig-1 2015-02-25-OSGrid-Black-Rock-1
2015-02-25-OSGrid-Space-City-1 2015-02-25-OSGrid-Marineville-1

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