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The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW) held its 2015 conference (FCVW-2015) in an OpenSim grid run by the MOSES/US Army Simulation Technology and Training Center (STTC) in Orlando, Florida with assistance from AvaCon.

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The opening keynote was given by Doug Maxwell of the STTC/MOSES team on the FCVW and immersive virtual conference and collaborative systems.

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Track on Training Effectiveness in Virtual Worlds

One of the many parallel track sessions in FCVW-2015 was a panel discussion on the effectiveness in simulations and training for soldiers in virtual worlds…. including training soldiers for clearing buildings and rooms.

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Other simulations on show included the MOSES middle eastern village for patrol training.

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Saturday Sessions – Doug Maxwell – Who We Serve

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Thales Virtual Training Centre Presentation – Frank B. Rulof

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Air Force Research Labs Presentation – Mark Sturgell and Jennifer Winner

Mark Sturgell of AFRL spoke about virtual command spaces, and their links to real command spaces and support of training. He showed the “Calamityville” virtual command center which AFRL worked on with Wright State University. Jennifer Winner of AFRL described work on using game technologies for learning especially for STEM education.

2015-03-07-FCVW-AFRL_001 2015-03-07-FCVW-AFRL_002
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Sunset over the FCVW-2015 Closing Session

2015-03-07-FCVW-Closing-3 2015-03-07-FCVW-Closing-2

2015-03-07-FCVW-Ai-AustinAi Austin’s suitcase eventually caught up with him on the FCVW-2015 grid…. and he has his usual flight suit on…


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