Discovery at Io in Celestia

I have previously written in a blog post about the wide range of educational space and spaceflight simulators that have been created by educators, scientists and open source user communities. One of these was Celestia and its many educational and community add-ons including some for fictional star systems and spacecraft from Science Fiction. Spacecraft and other objects can be added into Celestial by providing a suitable 3D model in .3DS format, along with any associated textures and a “.SSC” file which gives details of the position of the object.

The Discovery spaceship which was sent to Jupiter’s moon Io in 2001: A Space Odyssey is one such add-on to Celestia provided by the community… along with the “Pod” used to conduct external inspections and repairs. It is part of a 2001 collection of spacecraft, space stations and scenario files available on the Celestia Motherlode.


“I’m sorry Dave… I am afraid I can’t do that.”

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