Solar Eclipse 2015

The 20th March 2015 solar eclipse path of totality passed just north of the British Isles and directly over the Faroes. In Edinburgh the eclipse started at 08:30 with a maximum of 93.2% of the Sun’s disk covered at 09:35 and ended at 10:44. Clear skies allowed for an excellent view through my refractor telescope with a projection screen so family and neighbours could also take a look as the event progressed.

2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-IMG_2763a 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-IMG_2774a
2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-1 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-2 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-3a
2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-4 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-5 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-6a
2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-7 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-8 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-9a
2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-10a 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-11 2015-03-20-Solar-Eclipse-Austin-Tate-12

Solar Eclipse 2015 in Celestia Space Simulator


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