Hyperica – Listing of Hypergrid Accessible Virtual Worlds

Hyperica is a directory of Hypergrid destinations maintained by Maria Korolov of Trombly International. Entries can be submitted via this form.

One facility Hyperica offers is a checker that grid are active… run typically once a day on an offset time cycle and displaying the sampled uptime as a percentage. A grid’s uptime can be checked using the following URL format, substituting the grid URL and region name in place of the example (spaces can be included as %20, but case depends on the Hyperica entry) …



The Openvue and AiLand grids and the Vue regions on OSGrid are listed on Hyperica:

Hyperica Destination Guide for OpenSim

Firestorm-Viewer-Destinations-ButtonThe destination guide button when used in some viewers such as Firestorm can bring up a guide to locations on any grid which provides a URL to suitably formatted HTML content. See this blog post for more information on setting up a destination guide. The following URL can be used to provide such a destination guide to Hypergrid locations:



OpenSimWorld.com is another Hypergrid destination listing site described in my blog post. Openvue and Ailand are also listed on OpenSimWorld:

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