Openvue Grid Teleporters

One the OpenSim-based Openvue grid main welcome and “Vue-Port” hypergrid portal regions there has been a board with a number of simple spheres that can be used to “click to directly teleport” to other regions on the grid or hypergrid hop to regions on other grids. These have now been replaced with a more visual picture board or map tile for each location.


The AiLand grid and the OSGrid Vue region Vue-Port hypergrid portal also have picture board teleporters, and an additional teleporter for Ailand experimental and demonstration regions, especially showcasing complex mesh builds, is on the Vue-Port region of the Openvue grid.

2015-04-14-Openvue-Vue-Port-Teleporter 2015-04-14-Openvue-Vue-Port-AiLand-Teleporter

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