Second Life – Skye Forest Cabin

I was pointed by one of Inara Pey’s blog posts to a good example of a forest cabin and furniture that are available in Second Life. This build, created by Alex Bader of Studio Skye, uses mesh and recent advanced texturing to provide a really nice looking cabin, contents and lighting. A snowy “winter coat” add on is also available. The building can be visited in Second Life at:

And is available on the Second Life marketplace at

This shows how good Second Life is looking today…

2015-04-24-SL-Skye-Glas-2 2015-04-24-SL-Skye-Glas-3
2015-04-24-SL-Skye-Glas-5 2015-04-24-SL-Skye-Glas-4
Winter coat image from Second Life Marketplace…

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