High Fidelity – At the Cafe

hifi://cafe is a place where High Fidelity users are gathering to discuss developments and socialize.


Avatar Marketplace

The avatar can now be selected via the Interface -> Preferences and using the Marketplace…

HiFi-Zach HiFi-Kate

Avatar Animation

Avatar animator can be added to the default scripts by selecting File -> Running Scripts and then enabling walk.js.

Microphone Volume Control

Adjustment of microphone level can be made by adding in the Marketplace -> Scripts -> Mic Volume Adjuster.

Multiple Instance of Interface on One System and Using Profiles

In Windows, you can use the “runas” command to launch the Interface. Substitute a Windows username for ……

runas /profile /savecred /user:...... "C:\Program Files (x86)\High Fidelity\Interface\interface.exe"

If you do this with several different Windows usernames you can launch several instances of the Interface on the same system.

Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch…

Back on our own hosted domain hifi://hifi.aiai.ed.ac.uk (or hifi://Openvue to 31st December 2015 unless renewed) I am trying out a HiFi Marketplace “Floating Island” and showing our usual test meshes for Supercar, the International Space Station, etc.


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