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OSGrid is the primary grid used by members of the OpenSim community for development, testing, sharing content and social events. It allows those with servers to add on regions very easily and without cost. OSGrid runs entirely with volunteer effort and relies on donations from the community to meet the fees for its servers and other costs. Avatars can be created on OSGrid at no cost via OSGrid supports the HyperGrid meaning that avatars can visit and travel to and from OSGrid from other OpenSim grids such as our main Openvue grid.

The Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) has several test and experimental regions mounted on servers in Edinburgh that are connected to OSGrid.



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  1. bat says:

    OpenSimulator ( – often called OpenSim) grids can be connected via the “Hypergrid” which allows anyone with an avatar on any one grid to travel (hop) to other grid and their regions for visits, field trips, meetings, tutorials, etc so long as the grid/region owner allows that.

    OSGrid ( ) is the OpenSim communities main development, testing and community grid with over 125,000 users and 5,000 connected regions. Its the grid we recommend students and anyone interested in the virtual worlds for education and collaboration make a (free) avatar on so they can then visit any other grid from that home base. Its better than us managing a lot of users ourselves on our own internal grids. It also gives users a rich infrastructure of free items to equip their avatars and even potentially connect their own regions on their own setups.

    We have a copy of the original Second Life Vue regions (12 of them) on OSGrid, and also some experimental/demo regions like “Oil Rig” the Robert Gordons University Oil and Gas Centre training facility you saw in your visit to my lab.

    Openvue is an OpenSimulator based grid that runs on a couple of servers in my room in the Informatics Forum. It essentially has a copy of the regions we used to run in Second Life on it.. with a landing/welcome region named “Openvue”. All its regions are open for visits to any Hypergrid avatar.

    1. So check you have a OSGrid avatar, or get one via

    2. Use Firestorm ( SL+OS version) to log in to OSGrid and set up your avatar if not already done

    3. Visit Vue related regions like “Vue”, “Vue South”, “Edinburgh University”, “Edinburgh Uplands”, “OpenVCE”, etc directly via the map on OSGrid, though those regions are hosted on our own servers in Informatics.

    4. “Oil Rig” and other demonstration/experimental regions are available also directly on OSGrid, though they are also hosted on our own servers in Informatics.

    5. If you want to reach the Openvue region and our own grid, then you can “hop” via the Firestorm address bar to hop://


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