Game of Thrones

Okay, I have to get into this… bought the books by George R.R. Martin to make a start…

Game of Thrones Books

Guides and Maps

Official World Map for George RR Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire

Official World Map for George RR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire,
from Westeros to Asshai, from the Summer Isles to the blasted waste of Old Valyria

Hadrian’s Wall and the Ice Wall

George R.R. Martin has said that a visit in 1981 to Hadrian’s Wall on the Scotland-England Border inspired his creation of the “The Wall” in the Northern regions of Westeros. See this blog post – Game of Thrones writer reveals Hadrian’s Wall inspired hit TV series .

Interesting Links

Game of Thrones Style Edinburgh Animation
Game of Thrones style animation of Edinburgh and environs by Stephen Jefferies
Game of Thrones Style Animation - Edinburgh Castle

Second Life Avatar Clothing

FATEplay-Nick FATEplay-Cloak-Kollo
Ceresi Baratheon Daenerys Targaryen
FATE Play Store – Game of Thrones Style – Second Life Clothing

Game of Thrones Role Play in Second Life

Added 22-Jul-2017: Game of Thrones role play areas and clothing have sprung up in Second Life… see for example…

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