High Fidelity – One Year In


Its now over a year since I joined in the High Fidelity (HiFi) on 15th May 2014. Here are some images of the current status at 16th June 2015…

Interface (Windows Build 2650)


Stack Manager (Windows Build 86) and Openvue Domain


Our current HiFi “Stack Manager” runs our test domain Openvue which is the HiFi registered “Place” name for the host grimsay.aiai.ed.ac.uk and which is accessible via

  • hifi://hifi.aiai.ed.ac.uk/12,1,12/0,-0.9,0,0.45
  • hifi://Openvue/12,1,12/0,-0.9,0,0.45
    (this place name was only accessible in 2015 unless renewed at US$20 per annum)

The domain has on it a number of our test meshes imported as FBX files, along with some demonstration objects and items from the HiFi Marketplace.

2015-06-16-HiFi-Openvue-1 2015-06-16-HiFi-Openvue-Supercar-with-Stats

HiFi Marketplace Avatars – Zack and Sintel

2015-06-16-HiFi-Avatar-Zack 2015-06-16-HiFi-Avatar-Sintel

Zack: https://hifi-metaverse.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/marketplace/contents/4a690585-3fa3-499e-9f8b-fd1226e561b1/e47e6898027aa40f1beb6adecc6a7db5.fst?1427170183
(or https://hifi-public.s3.amazonaws.com/marketplace/contents/4a690585-3fa3-499e-9f8b-fd1226e561b1/e47e6898027aa40f1beb6adecc6a7db5.fst?1427170183)

Sintel_v4: Not currently available (was https://hifi-public.s3.amazonaws.com/marketplace/contents/b6d2ff15-b3bf-4159-a47e-117823854ae8/8ca010a0a563091782a0034e39e2eae6.fst?1430525288)

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