Drawingboard in Second Life and OpenSim

Using the Media on a Prim (MOAP) capability to display web pages, including JavaScript (.js) on faces of objects in Second Life and OpenSim, a simple drawing facility can be provided.

Drawingboard – Single User Whiteboard


Drawingboard is a canvas based drawing app that you can be integrated into web pages. Each user sees only their own drawing, its not shared between different users viewing the same whiteboard on a Media on a Prim screen. The source code and examples of using the Drawingboard on web pages can be found at either:


2015-06-18-OpenSim-wPaint-1 2015-06-18-OpenSim-wPaint-2

wPaint.js is another JavaScript based whiteboard web embeddable package. Again it is single user, each users seeing their own drawing… it is available via http://wpaint.websanova.com/

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