Maps of Second Life

The Maps of Second Life Pavilion shows maps and information about the development of Second Life since its early test days…

2015-06-24-SL12B-Maps_003 2015-06-24-SL12B-Maps_002

The Maps of Second Life Pavilion is accessible while the SL12B celebrations are on via or at its permanent home at New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery, New Kadath (34, 51, 22) – The Maps pavilion is curated by Juliana Lethdetter, a member of the Second Life Historical Society.

2015-06-24-New-Kadath-Lighthouse-Art-Gallery 2015-06-24-SL12B_007

You might also wish to visit the Second Life Historical Museum on Phobos via

Nautilus and the Blakes Sea

Exploring the Maps, one area was devoted to the creation of the Blakes Sea area, set up to allow for sailing and flying pursuits in Second Life. There was mention of a historical map inside the cockpit of a giant abandoned boring machine… now located in the Nautilus – Mysehi region.

Nautilus-Boring-Machine-Location Nautilus-Boring-Machine-Cockpit

Update June 2020

There is an informative interview with Juliana Lethdetter and Dragonia DeCuir and a visit to the New Kadath lighthouse on the Designing Worlds channel…

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    On 30th May 2020 Inara Pey blogged about the inworld exhibition of the History of Second Life 1999-2020:

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