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Vue LogoVue – the Virtual University of Edinburgh – is a virtual educational and research institute bringing together all those interested in the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach related to the University of Edinburgh.

2008-07-31 SL Vue from Old College
2015-06-24 SL Vue from Vet School

Following separate developments during 2006 by various individuals and groups using plots on the Second Life “Mainland”, the group met for the first time in March 2007 and decided to acquire and develop a shared mini-continent to be called “Vue”, with the core long term planned stable region also to be called “Vue”. Various regions for schools and projects would cluster around this and come and go as needed.

2007-12-10-Vue-Group-Real-Life 2007-11-14-Vue-Group

Since then, the Vue facilities in Second Life have been used for EDUBlog award winning virtual graduation ceremonies for several departments, at the shared meeting space called “The Venue@Vue”, for collaboration in the US Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds award winning I-Room – a Virtual Space for Intelligent Interaction, for the Open Virtual Collaboration Environment used for emergency response community support, for a range seminars, research projects, conferences and events.

I-Room-Meeting-with-Avatars-Train-for-Success 2011-iroom-for-woscr

History and Maps of Vue Regions in Second Life

There are archives of the Second Life Vue regions designs and map at various dates are available at:

The original sketch designs from March 2007 to November 2007 by avatar Ai Austin (RL: Prof. Austin Tate, Coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh) include:

vue-2007-09-09-region-plan vue-high-street-sketch-a-2007-09-16

The nice crinkly coastline was produced by Dr. Ian Graham in the University if Edinburgh zbusiness School. The first almost ready design and layout just ahead of the first academic year of use is at:

Then maps at various years or dates are in this directory…

The current map is at


OpenSim Openvue

The original complete 9 region Vue mini-continent setup, along with the OpenVCE collaboration region that was in Second Life around 2008 along with additional welcome, sandbox and hypergrid teleport regions is replicated and continues to be available on the OpenSimulator-based Openvue grid…

Openvue Map

Vue Logo

Logo and banners at various resolutions and in various forms are available at

Vue Banner

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