Using FlyInside FSX for Oculus Rift

Daniel Church has produced an early version of an improved way to use FSX with the Oculus Rift called “FlyInside FSX” and a Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to improve and test that… see

The good news is that FlyInside FSX alpha version 0.7 works right away on my Windows 8.1/Nvidia GTX680 setup using Direct to Rift mode displaying a portrait orientated mirror display simultaneously on my 2D screen.

This blog post is a holder to assist in reporting issues with testing of the FlyInside FSX alpha test versions to Daniel Church while its under development…

3D Visual Artifacts

22-Jul-2015 – FlyInside FSX version alpha 0.7 for Windows 8.1 Pro and Oculus – FlyInsideFSX_AlphaPreview_7_OVR_0600.exe

If I switch to an external aircraft view (F11) and then back to the virtual cockpit (F9) I see artifacts on the model with stretched textures or shapes between wing tips and cockpit for example. This persists when you exit to the mission/aircraft selection screen. It is only cleared by restarting FlyInside with FSX completely. Supercar looks a bit distant in the first shot, but its the black bits that should not be there.

The visual artifacts after switching from external view to internal view or back are carried over afterwards to the aircraft selection screen (which had looked fine on several tests where I had NOT switch to external view and back) show as black in the first image..


Looking more closely on several tests I can also see elements (e.g. yellow nose cone, blue headlamp fairings, rear black bulkhead, interior bench seats and cockpit base black seal) of the craft offset from their correct positions.
2015-07-22-FlyInside-FSX-Supercar-Visual-Artifacts-1a 2015-07-22-FlyInside-FSX-Supercar-Visual-Artifacts-1b

The aircraft selection screen image also has those has bits missing (like the yellow nose cone, yellow side cooling fins and blue headlamp fairings) and the stretched textures between fin tips and the cockpit…


This is what it should look like… and does when FlyInside FSX is run and you never switch between outside and internal view…


Supercar for FSX

In case anyone wants to fly Gerry Anderson’s Supercar themselves in 3D… Supercar flight sim model for various versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator right up to FSX and the Steam Edition are available at


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